Each animal is an investment. We make the dollars you spend on swine feed accomplish more for you and your pigs than ever before. We’re excited to partner with Ralco Nutrition, a science-based company that leverages Enmax Technology to provide world-class agricultural feeding programs. Their evidence-based approach to swine nutrition empowers us to optimize our feed so your swine can thrive.

As official Ralco Nutrition dealers, we make your pig feed budget go further while supporting the health and growth of your swine. Our livestock diet program focuses on net energy, the most accurate way to create efficient production. We accomplish our goal by doing the following:

  • Optimizing the energy available for production after digestion and absorption.
  • Accounting for energy wasted during the digestive process in all swine nutrition products
  • Focusing on the production energy of animal feed ingredients to produce milk or build tissue
  • Reducing the usage of expensive fat supplementation and expensive soybean meal
  • Maximizing the potential of low-cost energy in starches such as corn

At Cowan Animal Nutrition, we understand that you can’t afford to be bogged down by old, ineffective livestock feeding programs. That’s why we’re passionate about providing excellent solutions to your animal health and pig nutrition goals. We’re more than an agricultural feed company — we’re your allies when it comes to finding success in raising swine. Learn more and make an order of our swine feed today.

If you are raising pigs for show, be sure to check out our show pig formulas to meet the unique needs of show pigs. We also have special feed formulas for lactating sows. Let us know how we can help you!

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