Successful cattle husbandry has its roots in quality cattle nutrition. We’re proud to help experts across Illinois, Indiana, and beyond maximize their animals’ diets without breaking the bank. Thanks to the support of Great Plains Livestock Consulting Inc., we’re able to customize cattle mineral formulations for your unique environment and requirements.

We use 30 years of experience to understand your needs, budget, and vision, and then we create a custom cattle feed formula you can trust to keep your herds healthy and strong. We’ll deliver it straight to your site in bagged or bulk forms and have a one-ton minimum. This is an advantage you don’t want to miss! Learn more about our high-quality cattle feed below.

Mineral Digestibility

Beef cattle mineral is expensive, so higher digestibility means you get a better return for your money. The swine feed and poultry industry fine grinds corn to improve its digestibility. The beef feed industry doesn’t use fine ground corn because it is digested too rapidly and causes digestive upsets. It only makes sense to feed a mineral that is a finer particle and not coarse rocks. Finer ground mineral raised the pH of the acid much faster and higher than the coarse mineral, resulting in improved digestibility and better cattle nutrition.

Optional Mineral Additions And Cattle Mineral Supplements:

-Add feed-through fly control

-Low or no phosphorus to balance feeding co-products

-Add high magnesium for spring turnout

-Add ionophores for improved cattle feed efficiency

-Add yeast or probiotics for reduced scours risk

-Capsaican products to reduce fescue toxicosis

-Please contact us to discuss other cattle feed additves that may be may provide a good return on investment in your specific operation

Trace Minerals In High-Quality Animal Feed

Required: growth, conception, spermatogenesis, tissue synthesis, wound healing, vitamin A metabolism, immunity, and hemoglobin/enzyme production

Deficiency: poor feed efficiency and intake


Required: growth, immunity, and hemoglobin oxygen transport

High mortality rate in severe deficiency


Required: growth, rumen cellulytic bacteria, reproduction (conception, estrus, ovulation), protein synthesis, enzyme systems, immunity, and hormonal systems

Subject to interference by inorganic minerals


Required: growth, ovulation, spermatogenesis, pigmentation of hair/skin, immunity, and enzyme/collagen synthesis

Subject to interference by inorganic minerals


Required: metabolic regulation

Component of thyroid hormones (goiter in deficiency)


Required: growth, and vitamin B12 synthesis by rumen bugs

Deficiency: feed intake depression and Wasting Disease


Required: growth and immunity

Deficiency: retained placentas, White Muscle Disease & Mulberry Heart

Minerals in cattle feed can bind with other minerals or compete for absorption, causing deficiencies. For example, zinc and copper compete for the same absorption site, therefore they should be kept in a proper ratio, zinc and copper should be increased or a protected form should be used when molybdenum, iron, or sulfur levels are high.

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