Bringing more than three decades of experience to the table, the Cowan Animal Nutrition team is proud to revolutionize the way cattle and swine farmers feed their animals. Where tired, old methods have led to malnourished herds and strained budgets, we use proven scientific strategies to create efficient, energy-rich diets that make your hard-earned money go that much further. Our passion for cattle operations of all types and sizes shines through in our customizable formulas, delivery methods, and volume discounts. We are here to serve!

Established in 2018, Cowan Animal Nutrition allows lifelong experts to put their knowledge and passion for farm animals to work on a large scale. We serve the United States’ agricultural heartland, including Indiana, Illinois, and beyond. We’re members of the Indiana Beef Cattle Association (IBCA) and Illinois Pork Producers Association (IPPA) and are already known for our commitment to purity, excellence, and effectiveness when it comes to cattle and swine feed.

We know that you can’t afford to struggle with inferior feed. We know you need the right stuff at the right price, and we’re here to make that happen. Choose the company who cares about your animals as much as you do — choose Cowan Animal Nutrition.